I was recently inter­viewed for Mia Pearson’s col­umn  in The Globe and Mail, on the ben­e­fits of out­sourc­ing as a small busi­ness (Side note: The arti­cle is in tomorrow’s Globe and Mail in the Busi­ness Sec­tion). I do quite a bit of out­sourc­ing: I am a firm believer  in doing what I am best at and del­e­gat­ing what I’m not.

One of the main areas I have out­sourced is mar­ket­ing. My mar­ket­ing direc­tor, Crys­tal Munro, has become indis­pens­able to me in the 3 years we have worked together . The seeds of my ideas become full-fledged blos­som­ing gar­dens  in her hands. Couldn’t live with­out her at this point.

Together, we have done a fair amount of plot­ting and plan­ning for the upcom­ing year, here are hints of some of what we have planned in 2011 at Pho­tos By Kathryn:

  • Social Media: We have a strong focus for increased vis­i­bil­ity in the social net­work­ing com­mu­ni­ties. You know you can eas­ily reach us by phone and email any­time, but we have now added Twit­ter and Face­book  as places that clients who want to know what we are up to can check in. The pro­mo­tion that we are cur­rently run­ning, “12 days of Christ­mas” has been so suc­cess­ful we may actu­ally make it an annual thing, and our recently launched “Last Minute Deals” ( announced 2–3 days prior to ses­sions that have become avail­able due to can­cel­la­tions) are catch­ing on quickly as well.
  • Full Ser­vice Stu­dio: Trans­la­tion: We will do all the work. All you need to do is get the fam­ily together for the fam­ily and we will do the rest.We know how busy our clients are and sadly a trip to the photo stu­dio is some­thing that can get put off as  busy lives get in the way. In an effort to make your photo expe­ri­ence effort­less, we are now com­ing to you less through­out the whole process. We work with our clients to deter­mine what their needs are and for those that pre­fer (or their sched­ules pre­fer) a hands-off approach, we will come to you with a port­fo­lio of what we feel will work best for your space and even hang it on the wall.Speaking of which, the art installer Pho­tos By Kathryn hired this fall is the most recent exam­ple of out­sourc­ing. With 30 years expe­ri­ence installing fine art, he is clearly  an expert, and can get the job done quickly, expertly and beau­ti­fully. We have had noth­ing but raves from the clients who have had him in to their homes to hang their Pho­tos By Kathryn.
  • Addi­tional Prod­ucts: We like to keep quiet on our prod­ucts until they are fully launched, but what we can say is that we have been keep­ing a close eye recently on just how our clients like to use their images. 2011 will see us roll out more ways for you to get the most of your session.
Kathryn Langsford Planning with Crystal Munro

Kathryn Langs­ford Plan­ning with Crys­tal Munro

Thank you again to all my clients for the con­tin­ued sup­port in 2010. Each year, we strive to make your expe­ri­ence with us  as mem­o­rable as pos­si­ble. We look for­ward to work­ing with each of you in the upcom­ing year!

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