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the session team

Kathryn has incorporated in to her photo sessions lighting technicians and make up artists chosen for their expertise and professionalism.

You will meet both when you visit the studio for a session, their combined energy and talent makes for a wonderful feel to your day of photography.

The Lighting Technicians | Jen Echols and Sarah Virag

Both bring a friendly face and a tool belt full of assisting expertise to every session,they are able to make even the darkest, dreariest Vancouver days look full of warm light.

The Make Up Artists | Mary Jane Baker and Denise Elliot

Our make up artists are hired knowing that they are often the first part of a woman’s experience when being photographed. Both women are great as easing jittery nerves and helping women to feel they are at their polished best for their wonderful photo shoot.

With their exceptional talents at highlighting each clients best features clients often leave with the phone number of the make up artist they used to call later for future use!

The Photoshop Magicians | Emily Pledge & Tina Chin

The journey from camera to finished print can be a deceptively complicated one and these two women make it look easy. Tina has been working with PBK for over seven years to create the signature Photos By Kathryn look in each final print.

Emily joined the PBK team in 2008 and has been a part of post production since Kathryn’s transition to digital photography, first as Kathryn’s assistant for 4 years, and now as Kathryn’s principle photo editor. She brings a creative and experienced eye to her editing work, creating perfection while ensuring authenticity remains.

behind the scenes

The Director of Marketing | Crystal Munro

Crystal Munro joined the team as Director of Marketing in 2007, and has been instrumental in taking the Photos By Kathryn brand to an unprecedented level. Her brain is constantly churning with fresh new ideas, all of which are intended to make the Photos By Kathryn experience something you will never forget.

The Designers | Erin Anderson and Tammy Kennedy

Tammy & Erin are the dynamic duo behind Kennedy Anderson Creative Group. The creators of our new brand in 2008, and the designers of all things PBK, they know the brand inside and out and never disappoint.

The Webmaster | Stephen Drozdik

Stephen’s has been part of the Photos By Kathryn since the beginning. Kathryn’s website was his first web development project and his natural talent was obvious from the start. As PBK has evolved Stephen has become the technical wizard behind the curtain.

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