Kathryn’s Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Kids

1. Try to envision the photo, not just record an event. When looking through the viewfinder ask yourself, “is this a good picture?” Ensure the background is not too cluttered (toys, furniture, etc.) Be creative with where you place the child in the frame -- head at top or in top corner, no need for any space around the child unless that is part of what you are photographing.

2. Move down to the child’s level or photograph child from above with them lying down.

3. Move as close as you think you should, and then move a little closer.

4. Try not to draw attention to yourself. Try to catch your kids in the act of being themselves. Capture expressions other than smiles, try not to tell them what to do. They are the most beautiful being themselves.

5. Photograph more than one child at once: tickling, telling secrets or doing an activity. Try to photograph in the shade or on a cloudy day, direct sunlight causes shadows and squinting.

Most importantly: Know when your children have had enough so they don’t develop a negative association with the camera!

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