Love Is Beautiful


Kathryn views portraiture as the art of character expression, a true reflection of natural charisma. She aims to capture the many sides of her subject's personality - either on location or in her Vancouver studio. Shooting her subjects in a friendly, relaxed manner, Kathryn's focus is on the comfort and enjoyment of those she photographs. Years of working with and photographing people, and a keen and artful eye has honed her ability to create beautifully unique, artistic portraits.

Photos by Kathryn was started by Kathryn Langsford in 1999, as a much simpler version of what it has since become. Kathryn had previous experience working with children both as a nanny for over 10 years and as a Youth Worker, She began photographing children she had cared for, with a very inexpensive, somewhat ancient film camera. What began as a side interest for her, blossomed into a career.

A self-taught artist and entrepreneur, she quickly positioned herself as Vancouver’s premiere portrait photographer, and is sought after by the most well known of Vancouver families- as well as many international ones who make the trip to have their family captured annually.


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