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What is the best time for my pregnancy photo shoot? >> back to top

We suggest you book a session in your 8th or 9th month, anywhere from about week 35 on. Of course, if you are feeling very big earlier, or are retaining a lot of fluid, you may want to consider coming earlier. As with all other sessions, it is a good idea to book in advance to ensure you get the time and date you are hoping for, as sessions tend to be booked at least a month ahead.

What is the best age to photograph my child? >> back to top

Children are beautiful at every age, although there are particular ages that are most optimal for getting the best photos.  Newborns are best photographed at less than two weeks of age. The younger the better.

For the older baby, six to nine months (between sitting and crawling) is the perfect time to capture those big smiles, wide eyes, and chubby goodness.

Toddlers are optimal when they can be engaged in simple back and forth conversation. For most children this means two years of age and older.

What if my child does not like to be photographed? >> back to top

This is part of the reason we allow so much time for sessions. We  want to ensure your child has time to get used to us, get used to the space, and to relax and be themselves. For some children this takes longer than others and that is ok, we can wait! Kathryn has many years of experience working with children  of all ages and has lots of ways in which she can engage children and help them to open up.

My child has a silly camera face in every picture we take and acts goofy when the camera comes out! >> back to top

This is why you are coming to a pro! The silly camera face comes from a kid who is posing for the camera. Your child may be like this at first, but after a while he will forget about posing and get lost in the fun, or in the conversation he is being engaged in . That is when the magic happens and those great expressions come out. Here is anther reason for you to hang back and let Kathryn work, it is easier to have them stop performing if they don’t have an audience.

How do I schedule a newborn shoot before the baby is born? >> back to top

Newborn sessions should be scheduled  when baby is less than 2 weeks of age. This is the window of time that Kathryn finds she gets best results for those curled up, peaceful baby shots you love. The best way to schedule this is to book something 2 weeks after your due date, and then keep in touch with the studio  if you give birth  early, late , etc. We try to be as accommodating as possible when it comes to shuffling things around to accommodate a baby who has come earlier or later than expected!

What if my baby is sick the day of the session? >> back to top

We strongly recommend you reschedule if your baby is sick. It has been our experience that a sick baby or child will not have the tolerance for an hour long photo shoot, and the photos will not reflect their everyday personality.

What time of day do I book my baby session? >> back to top

For a newborn we recommend an afternoon session, so you have time to get organized and get out of the house without feeling rushed. For an older baby who has a set schedule, please try to book the session at a time when your baby will be fed and well-rested for best results.

What should I wear? >> back to top

 It is most important to keep dress casual, jewelry and accessories to a minimum, and your look as close to 'everyday' as possible.

As a general rule, bring anything you think might work (a great shawl, your favorite pair of worn-in jeans). Kathryn can help style your session, and will help you to choose the most suitable from the items that you bring.

For your children, bring the clothes you love to see them in. There are no firm rules here, but it is always a good idea to bring lots for us to choose from if you don’t mind packing it!

Textures  such as knit, linen, or denim are great. All colours are fine, except black. We love the look of skin, so if women are comfortable wearing a top that shows shoulders & arms, and if men are comfortable taking off their shirt to hold their newborn, all the better!

For babies and young children denim is great, as is just a diaper or a onesie - showing those chubby arms and legs is the greatest! Bare feet are encouraged.

When your session is booked we will send out an info card that covers this more in depth.

Will Kathryn shoot on location? >> back to top

Kathryn is available to shoot on location. Travel costs may apply. Contact the studio for more information.

Does Kathryn do glamour photography? >> back to top

Yes, we call these our Be Beautiful sessions. Learn more about Be Beautiful sessions.

Will Kathryn do corporate photography? >> back to top

Yes. You can view examples in her corporate photography portfolio, and read more about a corporate photo session.

How long will it take? >> back to top

Kathryn generally allows 2 hours for a session. There are times that it does not take that long, but two hours is allotted so you do not feel rushed or pressured. The length of time of a shoot varies depending on how many subjects will be photographed and their ages. A pregnancy or adult shoot takes about 45 minutes to and hour and a half depending on whether you'd like make-up done and if other family members will be involved. Photoshoots involving babies and children take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, allowing time for breaks and feeding. If your child is sick or very unhappy the day of the shoot please consider rescheduling so you can be sure of the best possible results. A newborn session can often take the full 2 hours, allowing lots of time for rocking, nursing, changing, etc.

How do I choose my photos? >> back to top

How you choose to showcase your photographs is almost as important as choosing the image. It should ensure that the work is able to be viewed in a way that is consistent with, and complimentary to your décor, and of course suitable for the context of the image. Kathryn is highly skilled in this area and is happy to assist you with this process.

Your proofs will be shown to you as a slideshow within 2-4 weeks of the photo shoot. Following the slideshow Kathryn will make herself available to meet personally with you and can offer suggestions re: how to proceed with your photos, based on your personal favourites, décor and budget.

For clients who reside out of town, telephone or email consultation is always available if you'd like Kathryn's assistance with this process.

What kind of investment are we looking at? >> back to top

Kathryn's session fee is $800. This includes the session and $350 toward product when your order is placed within 14 days of seeing your photos.

For a full product price list, as well as prices for out of town clients, please contact the studio.

How far in advance should I book? >> back to top

It is best to book at least two months in advance, or even earlier if you have a difficult schedule.

What does the photo session include? >> back to top

The photo session includes the photo session and the service of a professional make-up artist for mom (mini-sessions do not include make-up).

Do I get the digital files of my shoot? >> back to top

The high resolution digital files from your family session are available for $1000 after a $1500 product purchase has been made.

Digital files from corporate session are part of the corporate package.

Where is the studio? >> back to top

The studio is located at 807 Powell Street, Suite 230 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (google map)

We would love to have photos taken at our vacation home, will Kathryn come to us? >> back to top

Location sessions are possible , Kathryn does several every year. The fee is higher, talk to Kathryn for an exact quote. It always helps if you have friends at your location who may want photos also!

How long is the production time? >> back to top

Production is 6-8 weeks from the time the order is placed. Rush orders are available.

Do I need the make up artist? >> back to top

Though make-up is not necessary, it is a nice little extra that many clients have appreciated. It is a nice way to ease into the session, especially if it is your first visit to the studio.

Can Kathryn help us create our photo wall? >> back to top

It is Kathryn’s intention to help document your family’s life, from as early on as pregnancy, while through elementary school and beyond. All of our pieces are intended to coordinate with one other while still offering a variety of looks. With this in mind, any PBK pieces can be hung together to create a photo wall or your order can be placed with a photo wall as your intended outcome. Kathryn is more than happy to come to your house for a consultation on where and how to hang things.

Are gift certificates available? >> back to top

Gift certificates are available and make a wonderfully cherished gift. Denominations start at $800 which covers a session and $350 of product.

What are the payment methods accepted? >> back to top

Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cash and Cheque are all accepted. A deposit of $100 is required at the time of booking in order to confirm the session. When your photo order is placed , a deposit of 50% is required, with the balance to be paid upon completion.


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