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I have always wanted to do this but I don’t think I am very photogenic. >> back to top

This is the reason you have chosen Kathryn. After 15 years in the business, Kathryn has built a reputation for bringing out the beauty in her subjects, year after year.From finding your best angles, to helping you choose the best clothes, to working your expressions in the shoot until that perfect, gorgeous look comes across your face, Kathryn knows how to do it all. In the end your hardest task when it comes to photos of yourself will be how to choose!

How should I prepare for the session? >> back to top

  • Get a great nights sleep
  • Drink plenty of water the few days prior
  • Do not over drink or over eat the day before - you will look your best if your system is as clean as possible
  • Make the effort and take the time to be sure your hair, nails, highlights, spray tan, eyelash extensions etc are all exactly how you like them to be the week of your session – look your best!

How long will the session take? >> back to top

About 4 hours start to finish. Plan a night out for that evening… you will look gorgeous!

What should I wear? >> back to top

Wear something comfy to arrive at the shoot as you will be in the make up chair for 1-2 hours! We have a rolling rack in the studio that you can hang all the clothes you brought for the session on. Kathryn will consult with you, prior to the session, over the phone to go over options for the wardrobe selections that are right for you.

What else should I bring? >> back to top

Protein bar, fruit, and water can all be good ideas to pack for the session. Your favourite products if you prefer them over what we may have, your ipod loaded with your favourite music!

Can I have a glass of wine to relax? >> back to top

It is not advised, as alcohol can create sleepiness , especially in a session that will be about 4 hours long! You will relax once we get you in here and looking gorgeous : )

Do I get the digital files of my shoot? >> back to top

Kathryn does not sell high-resolution digital files from portrait sessions. Every session comes with a disc of low-resolution files (for your phone, facebook, linked in etc).

Will Kathryn shoot on location? >> back to top

Kathryn is available to shoot on location. Travel costs may apply. Contact the studio for more information.

Will Kathryn do corporate photography? >> back to top

Yes. You can view examples in her corporate photography portfolio, and read more about a corporate photo session.

Where is the studio? >> back to top

The studio is located at 807 Powell Street, Suite 230 in Vancouver, BC. (google map)

Are gift certificates available? >> back to top

Gift certificates are available and make a wonderfully cherished gift.

What are the payment methods accepted? >> back to top

Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cash and Cheque are all accepted. A deposit of $100 is required at the time of booking in order to confirm the session. When your photo order is placed, a deposit of 50% is required, with the balance to be paid upon completion. We are pleased to offer complimentary delivery on all orders over $1000 in the Lower Mainland.




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