Love Is Beautiful
Mission Statement of top Vancouver photographer Kathryn Langsford
Contemporary family photo by photographer PBK
Vancouver family photography client Jane Israels and Family
Jane Israels - What fabulous photos. You are truly remarkable!
Mom with children.
Happily Ever After
Hamhuis family photographed together in bed.
Pregnant mom to be with dad
We will cherish it forever - Dan and Sarah Hamhuis
Katie and Kevin Bieksa - Blown away, as usual!
Family portrait - mom, dad and daugher
Baby daughter and little sister
Vancouver baby photography client Mark Rosengarten - A true work of art
Pregnant mom with young son
Black and white portrait of family
It is a treasure to have these hanging as art on our walls. We will be back! - Johanna Henrik Sedin
Father, children and newborn baby
Vancouver family photography clients the Georganas Family
Newborn baby photographed with brothers
Pregnant mom to be with dad
You invite me to be; to slow down all the doing and just be. - Tamara Romalis
Newborn baby Jagger by photographed by Kathryn Langsford
Armstrong family children together on the couch
Foster family - brothers
Merkur boys pictured together
Kathryn captured the pure beauty we see every day in our children. - Andrew and Shawna Merkur
Black and white photo of a little girl
You captured each childs personality and I am so amazed at your talent - Lotta and Marcus Naslund
The three Wilson boys by child photographer Kathryn Langsford
We are thrilled with her ability to capture each unique personality in our family - Lotta and Chip Wilson
Bosa family children photographed together
Kathryn is a true artist - Harald and Sharlene Ludwig
A photograph of a young child gazing at his pregnant moms belly
Baby photograph of father holding his child
Young Sarah captured by child photographer Kathryn Langsford
Yeung family with new baby and puppy
Newborn baby with sisters
Family photography of kids by Family photographer Kathryn Langsford
Newborn with parents by Vancouver photographer PBK
Vancouver family photography client Jane Israels and Family
Sisters photograph by photographer PBK
Toddler photograph by photographer PBK
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